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drink in seoul. dance in tokyo.

Let's chase love! ;)

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저 음 뵙겠습니다!
pleased to meet you!
kinagagalak ko kayong makilala! 


kpop/jpop/anything under the sun),

By all means, give me some love
and i'll add you <3

 just comment!



tea and Meds

Sooo I'm seeing how it's like to be a bachelorette

I think I've been having lots of time by myself, and I don't mind it :) I can't keep on working though. Friends have visited me at work before, and they know how it takes a toll on me. I really need to relax a bit.

This Singaporean restaurant is packed. People packed our mall, yet I'm here in very comfortable silence occupying a 6-seat table. Well except that I have guards looking my way, and I have to acknowledge. lol

I hear talks about Jejudo from another table, which reminds me of my upcoming trip this February. ^\^ I'm very excited about it :)

As I let the hot tea tumble through my bruised tonsils, I realize I'm fine like this. It's not bad to be alone enjoying the typical Chinese ethnic music.. Maybe maybe.. I can live in another place without worrying about anything. Hmmm

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Not yet

Haven't given up on LJ guys :)
I doubt I'll write anything that makes sense but I just want to fight off the exhaustion. I only had coffee for my whole shift schedule. Walked around. Got busy.

Yesterday was all about people screaming at me even if I'm not at fault or anything. By yesterday, I meant Thursday. Sorry forgot that it's Saturday here already and.... my tummy's grumbling lol

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New department!

To those who prayed that I get my transfer approved, thank you. ^^ I'm already here and my colleagues gave me a warm welcome :)
This job is more on the physical side, so I'm really tired when I get home. I'm not doing much yet, but work is work and I'm happy that I can be constantly on the move.

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Midnight lets my mind wander....

where my beats have successfully slumbered

Tonight it wants to be heard

That shy voice... It's sheltered.

There's no use denying but I must admit, it's as hard when it is uttered.

Maybe... Just maybe..

I want to hug a silly looking teddy bear from an amusement park shooting game..

... Think of sitting by the bench, ice cream melting and dripping on my fingers..

Hide under the shade of a tree, lap occupied and hand busied with a book..

Paste a sexy shy grin on my face, toss my hair as I get lost in the boom of the speakers

Daintily place a napkin on my lap anticipating a lovely meal in a lazily lit restaurant

..... dream of that intimate touching of the messenger of words at the top of a ferris wheel

-maybe just maybe...

I want to fall in love

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cuddle weather

Empty grand pizza plate; Eye smile to my ♥

Been very busy this whole week (even yesterday; darn missed on French fine dining and my friend playing for them) preparing for another presentation.

It's good to be relaxing today. Minestrone, Cartaccio and pizza for lunch-dinner before grocery shopping. In this cuddle weather, I just need the spirits from the soup to rejuvenate my body.

Have also been forcing myself to exercise despite my schedule because really, I feel so much better after every night swim or run.

Hopefully we'll get to see my brother tomorrow. He hasn't slept a wink since handling that ICU case. I know very well why he's doing that. I'll save that for another post.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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(no subject)

Been entertaining silly thoughts, worrying about petty things when I can exhaust my time, commitment and passion with things worth looking after. 

I am their fan. There’s a reason why I keep on saying that. 

We’re of the same generation- JYJ from 東方神起 and I. 

I carry not the title of ambassador, but I wholeheartedly wish to dream big for the youth and be a better person, a role model no matter how small scale my actions would be the cause of.

Visions, dreams and passion. Even the sky won’t hinder you from soaring. 

MOVE YOUTH! Good night everyone! 

dancing machine :)

This guy never fails to amaze him with his mad skills and talent. Everything about him moves, glides and spins.
I would love to see this in real life :) :) :)

Sooo proud of my girls!
Volleyball Champions! My best girls? Can't describe how cool they were as seniors yesterday.
Jack won Best Spiker, Best Server and Tournament MVP, Steph was Player of the Game, and Cha wrapped it up as Finals MVP.
From the start of the season, they were already number one, and it's such a great achievement to stay on top after so many games. :)
I hope the young ones will be inspired to continue on the championship streak. :)

So looking forward now to party with them. TEEHEE.

i'm bored and be the one's playing
 .............so I was thinking 

I know it's a little too early for this, but maybe around December we can make this work after all the showcases.. hmmm..  I just thought about a project for JYJ. I was thinking of a collage of all the 99,999 owners of the Luxury Edition with our serial numbers. We don't have to show our faces if people aren't comfortable with that idea. Serial numbers and JYJ album.. 

But then again my second idea is a youtube video, but we have to show our faces with the serial numbers.. You know the ending part of Mirotic?  Starting at 3:38? The boys will look up with their creepy eye contacts..? XD lmao Something to that effect.. Like our faces and then on the side of the screen our serial numbers will be typed out and from which country.. :)


It's just an idea.. :) I think it would be pretty amazing if we ourselves find out how worldwide this thing is. :) 

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You four made my day better