drink in seoul. dance in tokyo.

Let's chase love! ;)

I'll be waiting for that rising sun

I am strong, when I am on your shoulders; You raise me up: To more than I can be.

You are not made of dirt... You are made of the tears of the sun and the callouses of your ancestors..
You are hurt.. Trampling you with accusations of being killer land.. 
You are not violent... Striving to make ends meet in other countries to provide better opportunities for your family back home.
You are proactive... Instilling in the minds of the youth that positive change can and will happen.

They are not you...
Hands to shift time...
Eyes to express sincerity..
Words to utter honesty..

No strings attached to you.. Listen.. to your own calling...

Get that strength in you. Don't hold onto others. Reach out to them.
Remember, you are the Pearl of the Orient.. Perlas ng Silanganan..


We be rockin' it in Manila!
Cause we like it KPOP

Hey F-List, if by chance you're in Manila next week,
why don't you party with us at the Alchemy
on Feb. 19!

yep, welcome to mi new home! ^^

First off, I'll be transferring some recent posts here, so the people who will be adding me really know this lj exists. ^^ Oh just in case you're lost,

 this is celinewalksin10 lj for mi friends and fandom lovers. ack

I don't want to explain. I told my friends already why. LOL  Major thanks to the early birds! lol chibireina124 , izydreams , readyforever , locofruitcake , kimimeemaya333 , spokeninsigns  and kioku_kagami 


Ack. I hate being empty! Time to fill this up!    


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