drink in seoul. dance in tokyo.

Let's chase love! ;)

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tea and Meds

Sooo I'm seeing how it's like to be a bachelorette

I think I've been having lots of time by myself, and I don't mind it :) I can't keep on working though. Friends have visited me at work before, and they know how it takes a toll on me. I really need to relax a bit.

This Singaporean restaurant is packed. People packed our mall, yet I'm here in very comfortable silence occupying a 6-seat table. Well except that I have guards looking my way, and I have to acknowledge. lol

I hear talks about Jejudo from another table, which reminds me of my upcoming trip this February. ^\^ I'm very excited about it :)

As I let the hot tea tumble through my bruised tonsils, I realize I'm fine like this. It's not bad to be alone enjoying the typical Chinese ethnic music.. Maybe maybe.. I can live in another place without worrying about anything. Hmmm

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You're going to Jejudo! That's so exciting! I want to go :) :)

I'm going to seoul hehe :)
maybe jeju and busan this October :)

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