drink in seoul. dance in tokyo.

Let's chase love! ;)

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Not yet

Haven't given up on LJ guys :)
I doubt I'll write anything that makes sense but I just want to fight off the exhaustion. I only had coffee for my whole shift schedule. Walked around. Got busy.

Yesterday was all about people screaming at me even if I'm not at fault or anything. By yesterday, I meant Thursday. Sorry forgot that it's Saturday here already and.... my tummy's grumbling lol

Very happy with my TVXQ concert ticket though :) :) experienced battling it out again with other fans just like the thaiticketmajor one.

Made a big decision to let go of something. It totally feels good to stick through with it.
Self-control is knocking at my door and I'm finally realizing plans for my future. I did think about it before, but not as serious as compared to this point.

Can't give into my every whim.
Have to finish one responsibility at a time. :)

I'm not alarmed or anything that I'm starting now, but it's good to acknowledge my situation.

I started this entry in the wee hours and now it's done while I'm on my way to a happy place. ^_^

Merry Christmas!!

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