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New department!

To those who prayed that I get my transfer approved, thank you. ^^ I'm already here and my colleagues gave me a warm welcome :)
This job is more on the physical side, so I'm really tired when I get home. I'm not doing much yet, but work is work and I'm happy that I can be constantly on the move.

This is my work area which I'm sharing with another officer hehe-----

So that's my work bag and my "rounds" bags cause my pants' pocket can't support my phones hehe

Ah, humans will never be satisfied right? I just had that realization hit me again. See now that I'm in a new department, I've been browsing at scholarships for graduate school and schedules for language schools. I know it's not a brilliant idea cause it's just going to frustrate me. Haha

I need the right timing! :)

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