drink in seoul. dance in tokyo.

Let's chase love! ;)

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Midnight lets my mind wander....

where my beats have successfully slumbered

Tonight it wants to be heard

That shy voice... It's sheltered.

There's no use denying but I must admit, it's as hard when it is uttered.

Maybe... Just maybe..

I want to hug a silly looking teddy bear from an amusement park shooting game..

... Think of sitting by the bench, ice cream melting and dripping on my fingers..

Hide under the shade of a tree, lap occupied and hand busied with a book..

Paste a sexy shy grin on my face, toss my hair as I get lost in the boom of the speakers

Daintily place a napkin on my lap anticipating a lovely meal in a lazily lit restaurant

..... dream of that intimate touching of the messenger of words at the top of a ferris wheel

-maybe just maybe...

I want to fall in love

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