drink in seoul. dance in tokyo.

Let's chase love! ;)

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i'm bored and be the one's playing
 .............so I was thinking 

I know it's a little too early for this, but maybe around December we can make this work after all the showcases.. hmmm..  I just thought about a project for JYJ. I was thinking of a collage of all the 99,999 owners of the Luxury Edition with our serial numbers. We don't have to show our faces if people aren't comfortable with that idea. Serial numbers and JYJ album.. 

But then again my second idea is a youtube video, but we have to show our faces with the serial numbers.. You know the ending part of Mirotic?  Starting at 3:38? The boys will look up with their creepy eye contacts..? XD lmao Something to that effect.. Like our faces and then on the side of the screen our serial numbers will be typed out and from which country.. :)


It's just an idea.. :) I think it would be pretty amazing if we ourselves find out how worldwide this thing is. :) 


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